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Another bump in the road

February 16, 2017

Just found out that the FREE version of WordPress that you are using will NOT accept the itunes MP4/MP3. Therefore, we are going to try Plan B.
So, here we go:
– Create an account (
– It’s FREE!
– Not hard to create, just takes time, username, password.
– Upon completion of editing, save your GarageBand Podcast #1 as an MP3.
– To save as MP3, go to Share>Save to Disk> mark MP3, save where you can find it.
– Drag and Drop your GarageBand Podcast #1 to your account.
– You must put the info in as required and you can upload a photo to go with it.
– Once in your Playlist, click on the “View” icon on the right, under Actions.
– In the “View” profile, click on the “Embed” icon </> at the right.
– Copy the “Embed” code from the site.
– Paste it into a new post as text.
Podcast Example

Here is a story from my favorite podcast, Gravy.
It is about Fred’s Lounge.
Listen to the different voices, background sounds, etc.
You can do this now!




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