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Final Exam: due 11:59 p.m. April 30

Your COMM 1030 Final Exam is due at 11:59 p.m., Monday, April 30.*
No exceptions!
You will use a variety of skills that you have learned in this class to produce a Multi-Media Feature Story.
Good Luck!


It MUST include:

– Post it on an additional and separate page of your blog.
– Label Final Exam page appropriately.
– Write a Feature Story (correct  style)- 50 pts.
– Include appropriate links throughout your Feature Story- 30 pts.
– Correct headline, copy, grammar, punctuation, etc.- 20 pts.

– Music in and out- 10 pts.
– Two voices (minimum)- 30 pts.
– Sound effects- 10 pts.
– Content relevant to topic (grammar, pronunciation, etc.)- 20 pts.
– Editing: delete deadspots, overlaps, etc.- 20 pts.
– Length (2:00-3:00)- 10 pts.

Sound/Slide OR Videocast (select one)
– Photographs (30-40), quality- 40 pts.
– Audio (music or voice), quality, photo-related- 40 pts.
(use of both music AND voice- extra credit)- 5 pts.
– Editing (photos, audio, embedding, timing- 2:00-3:00)- 10 pts.
– Titles and caption- 10 pts.
– Video (2:00-3:00), quality- 40 pts.
– Audio (voice over and natural sound), quality- 40 pts.
– Editing (video, audio, embedding)- 20 pts.

* 60 pt. deduction for late assignment, until Noon, May 1.


Hooray for Hollywood! Time to make a movie!

It is what you all have been waiting for (I know, not really, but work with me).
Time to make a movie.
Click Making a Movie for a tutorial on iMovie.
(You can probably find a tutorial on making a movie on MovieMaker, if you prefer.)

VIDEOCAST (100 pts)*(due April 17)
Original Video (2:00-3:00), quality, blog-related ___________________(40 pts)
Original Audio (voice over and natural sound) quality ________________(40 pts)
Editing (video, audio) ________________________________(20 pts)

*20 pt. deduction for late assignments.

Your movie is due Thursday, April 17, at 11:59 p.m.

IMPORTANT: For every one minute of video that you shoot, you will spend, on average, about three minutes editing.
So, shoot minimally.

A Video about Vol State Journalism

As we were discussing in class, here is an example of a video.
This one was done seven years ago.
But, it is still an example of:
– different locations,
– audio over,
– and, live audio.
So, check it out at Vol State Journalism.

Sound and Slide Assignment

The SOUND AND SLIDE assignment is due Tuesday, April 3, at 11:30 p.m.
It is worth 100 points. 
Original Photographs (20-30), quality, blog-related (40 pts) _____
Audio (music or voice), quality, photo-related (40 pts) _____
Editing (photos, audio, timing- 2:00-3:00, etc.) (10 pts) _____
Title, captions (10 pts) _____

EXTRA CREDIT: Use of both music and voice (10 pts), _____, not applicable if late.

Playing audio through entire Powerpoint

Problems, problems, problems.
I hope that I can help you solve one of them.
Here is a link to playing audio through your entire Powerpoint.
If you have any more problems, please let me know.
Good Luck!

Photos / Sound can be impactful

So, you have completed your Podcasts and now it is time to move on to the next fun-filled element of our class, the Sound /Slide (actually that is a copyrighted name for a program that allows photographs (slides) and sound to merge together). So, we better call it Photos /Sound, just to be safe.
Photos / Sound takes still photos and combines them with sound, thus Photos / Sound.
You may either use Power Point, iMovies or (if you have a PC) Movie Maker.
Download the photos into your appropriate program and then add sound (natural, recorded, podcast or music).
EXTRA CREDIT (5 points) if your sound is a combination of two or more.
Be sure and title it and caption the photos.
It should run 2-3 minutes.

Here is an INCREDIBLE example by NPR, “Life After Death.”
This example come from the Source’s article, “The Evolution of NPR’s Picture Stories.”

OK, now that you have completed your Photos/Sound project (due midnight April 3), You must post it to your blog.
Some of you opted to create your Photos/Sound with PowerPoint, while others used iMovies, while others used MovieMaker (PC product).
Either way, it is important to save it to YouTube for easier conversion, viewing, embedding, and linking to your blog.
I am a firm believer that when you “can’t figure it out,” one must Google it.
I have already Googled it for you.
So, here is the way to move a Power Point to YouTube.
Here is the way to move an iMovie to YouTube.
And, here is the way to move Movie Maker to YouTube.
I will look forward to seeing your Photos/Sound presentations.

Podcast #3 due March 22

This assignment is worth 100 points.
This will be the last podcast for this chapter on podcasts.
But, you will have to do another (for the final exam).
It must be embedded (correctly) to your blog.

Music In/Out ___________________ (20 pts.)
Three Voices (minimum)  ________________(30 pts.)
Must be composed of three separate voice tracks (minimum).

Content relevant to blog ________________ (20 pts.)
Editing, dead spots, overlaps ________________ (20 pts.)
Must have minimum of four tracks (3 voices, min. 1 music). 
Length (2:00- 3:00) _______________ (10 pts.)

Due 11:59 p.m., Thursday, March 22

FREE! Music and Sound Effect downloads

Below is a list of sources for royalty-free music and other audio tracks for video production.  Although using music in news stories isn’t always a good idea, there are many times when we need music to enhance a video or broadcast journalism project.  Intros for newscasts, sports highlights, tributes and slide shows can all benefit from an appropriate soundtrack.

For more info on how to use music legally and ethically, check out this story about copyright and fair use, and take advantage of legal advice from the Student Press Law Center.


Audio Nautix – All music in this online collection created by Jason Shaw.  Released underCreative Commons license 3.0

AudioFarm  – Upload your own music or download from independent artists.

Brainy Betty – Hundreds of free PowerPoint templates, backgrounds, animations, music for presentations, royalty free photos, tutorials, flash and video introductions, & teacher resources.

ccMixter – Download, sample, cut-up or share

Free Music Archive – (I recommend searching by genre on this site.) – The songs can be licensed for educational use for free. (Creative commons license) – Users can also purchase standard licenses of songs for $25 each.

Free Stock Music – 100% free video production music

FreeSound – Collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds.

Getty Images–In addition to royalty-free photos and videos, the site also has good quality royalty-free music, too.

Incompetech by Kevin MacLeod

Jamendo – Free music downloads for private use & royalty-free music for commercial purposes.

Legal Music for Videos – Creative Commons

Moby Gratis – A project by ambient/electronic musician Moby, this site has high quality music that can be used for free for non-profits and students.

Partners in Rhyme – Royalty-Free music & sound effects

Sea Breeze Computers  – page of multiple links

SoundBible– Free sound clips, sound bites, and sound effects

Bensound–Free music, organized by genre.  Uses Creative Commons licensing/

Youtube Music Library